Finishing Your Mani

Once you’ve completed your manicure, here’s how you wrap it up and put your Nimble away for storage.

  1. Once your mani wraps, you will be prompted to submit a review in your app.  Your Nimble will go back to Capsule Ready mode.
  2. Press the Capsule button to open up your capsule tray and remove the capsules so you can store them properly for 2nd time use in the cardboard insert.
  3. Once removed, press the Capsule button again to close the tray.  You will receive a notification in your app that your tray is empty, but you can ignore that.
  4. After your Nimble goes back to Capsule Ready mode, press the Power button until it starts blinking red, and your Nimble will power down.
  5. Once the Power button is solid red, you may unplug your Nimble and put it away for storage