Storing Capsules Properly

Each of our polish capsule sets deliver 2 full 10-finger manicures within 10 days of first use by the Nimble device.  The quality of the 2nd manicure depends partially on how well your capsules are stored, so follow along the video to learn how!

  1. Once you’ve finished your manicure, remove them from the device.
  2. Pop each capsule into the same white cardboard insert they came in.
  3. Each capsule should be in the middle of the top of the cardboard.  This cardboard insert is specially designed to seal the brush shut in the glass bottle.
  4. Once you’re ready to start the 2nd manicure, pop each of the capsules out of the cardboard insert.
  5. Prime each capsule by popping open the white stem, and then snapping it shut completely.
  6. Ensure you shake each capsule well, especially the color capsule - to rid the formula of any separation.
  7. Follow your app to start your mani!