Lock for Transport

Secure Shipping System Reassembly - For Device Shipment or Transport

If you need to ship or transport your Nimble safely, please return the Nimble arm and lock the Secure Shipping System first.

Step 1:  Before proceeding, please ensure your device is in capsule ready mode: Power Button (left) and capsule Button (right) are both solid WHITE.  Do NOT unplug or power down the device at any point in this process until the instructions say so.

Step 2:  In the app, navigate to Profile > Device Settings > Lock for Transport.  Tap the button in the app to return the Nimble Robotic Arm back to its shipping position. 

The device will automatically return the Nimble Robotic Arm to its shipping position. We will let you know when it’s time to re-attach the Secure Shipping System.

Step 3:  Once the app returns a ‘Success!’ message, the Nimble Robotic Arm has been returned to its shipping position. The Power Button (left) should be solid RED and the Paint Button (middle) should be blinking WHITE.

Step 4:  You may now re-attach the Secure Shipping System.  Place the device on its backside, where it’s plugged in.  Screw in the 2 short screws SIMULTANEOUSLY in the rear of the device (closest to the plug) just until the orange tops touch the device - do not overtighten.    

Step 5: Place the orange plastic cover over the short screws.

Step 6: SIMULTANEOUSLY screw in the 2 long screws near the front of the device just until it tightens.  Again, screw in only until the orange tops touch the device - do not overtighten.

Step 7:  When these steps are complete, confirm with the button in-app. 

Step 8:  Then, press the Power Button (left) to verify the Secure Shipping System has been correctly attached.  If successful, your Nimble will automatically shut down.  Once powered off, the Power Button (left) will be solid red, and your Nimble will be ready for transport and may be unplugged.