TV / Video

The Today Show

"[Nimble] nails the perfect manicure without a salon."

CBS Mornings

"Another company making strides in the A.I. beauty market is Nimble Beauty ... utilizes AI to learn and adapt."

Fox Business

“There it is - [her nail is] perfect, no mess on either side.”


“I was impressed by how clean this quick manicure came out!”

KCTU with Trisha Hershberger

"Certainly much easier than going to the nail salon."

Digital / Print

“Nimble is precise and on par with the pros.” - Mashable

“... In as little as 25 minutes, you’ll have a fresh manicure.” - Wired

“Nimble’s beauty-bot paints your nails like a pro - at home.” - USA Today

"In the same way that a Nespresso machine can deliver barista-quality coffee to your home at the touch of a button, the Nimble Beauty device can act as an at-home nail salon." - ZD Net

"This is the world's first-ever smart home nail salon, and I want one." - T3

"A standout at CES 2024, Nimble Beauty‘s smart at-home nail salon‘ makes use of AI and robotics to paint and dry professional-quality nails in 33 vegan shades, using nail-scanning technology." - Wallpaper

"[Nimble] could ultimately upend the growing nail care market." - The New York Times