Meet Nimble

Nimble offers the world’s first at-home smart nail salon. It’s meticulously engineered to produce a flawless manicure in just minutes, all from the comfort of your own home.

how it works nimble device

Pioneering Technology in Every Device

What happens when you get a group of world-class engineers, physicists, mathematicians, coders and beauty lovers together? You get Nimble. Both the device itself and the polish capsules are globally patented and engineered to deliver you a perfect, at-home manicure time and time again. 

As the first and only home manicure device, we have over 40 patent applications and granted patents that protect Nimble’s groundbreaking innovation, across the US, Canada, Europe, Japan, South Korea and other major countries around the globe.

Nimble’s technology has actually been in development for 6 years, with a research and development department that consists of multi-disciplinary engineers (software, mechanical, systems, and process), condensed matter physicists, industrial designers, algorithm researchers, and quality analysts. Together they worked on fine-tuning the following elements of the device: 

All Eyes on Machine Vision with a 270° Nail Scan

To put it simply, these are the “eyes” of the Nimble device. We use high-speed, high-res micro cameras that work in conjunction with laser scanning for unparalleled accuracy. That’s how seriously we take staying in the lines when giving you a manicure. These sensors process and assess the shape and curvature of each nail—because we know that no two nails are exactly the same.

scanning hand

Refining the Robotics

This is where it starts to feel like Nimble really belongs in an episode of the Jetsons. The Nimble device includes a fine motor robotic arm that picks up and controls the brush of the capsule. It operates on 5 axes to cover full range of motion and for controlled freedom. The motion actually mimics human motion so we can use a brush and polish—just like a real manicurist would—for optimal results.

nimble robot arm holding capsule brush

Advanced AI and Algorithms

Our device learned fast—yet thoroughly—thanks to a vast library of photos of different nails. It actually gathers and optimizes information with every manicure it applies. Throughout the R&D process, we’ve performed thousands of manicures. We’ve tested hundreds of users in our lab prior to launching—and we continue to bring in dozens of people every week for ongoing testing and optimization.

nimble robot painting nail

Go with the Airflow

Making sure your manicure has dried fully is integral to the Nimble experience. After all, what’s worse than getting a gorgeous, fresh manicure only to botch it moments later? To better address this concern, our Nimble device features a built-in fan that dries polish between each coat for maximum shine and durability.

nimble dryer

Allow Us to Lend an Ergonomics Hand

Ergonomics, which is the study of how humans and machinery physically interact, is an important element of the Nimble experience. This is where our Hand Assistant comes in. Designed by leading industrial designers, the Hand Assistant offers comfort across multiple hand shapes to maximize stability and reduce movement—resulting in optimal manicure results.

nimble hand assistant

Design-Forward Technology

When poring over the blueprints that would eventually become Nimble, it was important to our team of expert designers and engineers that we crafted a device that was not only revolutionary in the beauty space—and your routine—but also beautiful to display in your home. We wanted to build something you’d proudly show off in your home. With elegant lines and a clean, white finish, we believe that we accomplished just that. From the curved corners to the hidden side handles, you’ll notice that every detail of the Nimble device is designed with intention, to complement your home’s aesthetic. The sketches below are just a fraction of the ideation that our team put into designing Nimble.

nimble sketches

The Minds Behind Nimble

From its very inception, we knew that it was imperative that we teamed up with some of the world’s leading industrial designers to create the outer skin of the device. We knew we needed the most forward-thinking designers creating this new, cutting-edge technology. The inner hand rest, hand assistant, and accompanying pillows were created by people who are experts in ergonomics and medical devices, utilizing their knowledge of human anatomy to encourage maximum comfort and stability. We went through multiple iterations of testing before landing on our current version.

This behind-the-scenes look at how we created Nimble shows just a fraction of what went into building this device. Every round of brainstorming, testing and production was done with our utmost dedication to making a completely new piece of technology that will add incredible convenience (and elegance!) to the lives of manicure-lovers everywhere.