Our Story

An idea worth the wait

One summer evening in 2016, founder Omri Moran was waiting for his date to show up.

Meanwhile, this same woman was being waylaid at every turn. She had left the salon before her manicure had completely dried, leaving her nails completely smudged. She tried to fix it herself, but her efforts only made things worse. With time running out, she took out the polish remover, took off her failed manicure, and ran out the door. When she finally arrived, she was very, very late.

As Omri listened to her story, he was inspired. What if there was a device precise enough to perfectly paint and dry nails in minutes? What if he was the one to invent it?

Soon after, Nimble was born. And after a few more evenings, that late date became Omri’s wife. 

Turns out, the right idea - and person - were worth the wait.