N•10 Paloma

Nikki C.

"Nimble has been a life saver for me. I work early mornings and late nights so I never have time to make it to the salon. Nimble allows me to get a quality manicure that works around my schedule. It’s allowed me to look and feel my best."

N•11 Wednesday + N•31 Poseidon

Steph E.

"I'm so excited to be focusing more attention on me and my self-care [using my Nimble]! I've been dabbling in activities while using Nimble, including reclining on the couch while watching my favorite guilty-pleasure TV, reading and listening to my audiobooks! It's a small indulgence but the family knows that my Nimble-time is Me-time!"

N•33 Wink + N•02 Morello

Brittany G.

"One of my favourite parts about Nimble is it forces me to slow down…I love to just scroll insta or sit and chat with my husband while I am using Nimble. And I definitely feel pretty trendy having my nails painted by such cool tech! That and a good polish job always makes me feel more put together."

N•06 Sugar + N•11 Wednesday

Jackie T.

"I'm absolutely in love with the latest manicure from my Nimble! Each time I use it, the algorithms seem to fine-tune their precision just a bit more, leaving me with painted nails that are far better than what I can do on my own. This time, I chose the shade "Sugar." Let me tell you, it's even more stunning in person than any online swatch could capture. It is genuinely the best manicure my Nimble has performed to date! #NimbleNails #ManicureMagic"

N•16 Cardigan

Shabnam K.

"I'm so pleased with this fourth manicure. I love the cardigan color with the shimmer top coat and I want to point out this is without any touchups."

N•12 Picky

Kim P.

"Nimble is an amazing machine where you can get a beautiful manicure in minutes and relax on your own couch. It’s convenient for an on-the-go girl like me and the polish lasts me a week."

N•22 Ghost

Claire P.

"I was very happy with my recent express manicure with Ghost! I’m loving the shorter time for express manicures and I feel like the accuracy has really improved since I got the Nimble earlier this year - this required almost no cleanup."

N•01 Twilight

Jeanette V.

"Before Nimble I really wasn’t painting my nails often. I could but I chose not to. It was very tedious and finding the time to sit down and actually do my nails was almost more trouble than it was worth. Not to mention the dry time and having to be extra careful with everything I do while waiting for my nails to dry. Now that I have Nimble, I can take the guesswork out of doing my nails. I sit down and watch a show and by the time my show is done my nails are painted and mostly dry."