Nimble Secure Shipping System Removal 2.0

Welcome to the first step of using your Nimble device! Here, we will walk you through how to remove your Secure Shipping System, which keeps the robotic arm safe during transit. Note that it is mandatory to remove the Secure Shipping System before use. Please keep the 4 screws and plastic cover in the event you’d like to return your Nimble device or send it back for repairs. The screws will need to be re-inserted for shipping and we will not be able to accept your return without them.

If you have already paired to WiFi, fast forward the video to 2:25.

Step 1: Plug in your Nimble and power it on by short pressing the red Power button, which should be solid at this state. While it’s booting up, it will blink for 30 sec to a minute.

Step 2: Now your device should be in QR mode.  Your device should return to a white Power button, a red Paint button, and a blinking blue Wifi light.  At this point, it’s ready to connect to Wifi.

Step 3: Pull up your app on your mobile phone, and follow directions on screen until it directs you to show QR code.  Take care to ensure your WiFi password is typed in correctly and that you do not have a privacy screen on your phone.

*Please note: if you have a privacy screen on your phone, the device will not be able to read your QR code. You will need to either remove the privacy screen OR screen shot the QR code, send to another phone (without a privacy screen), and use that phone to insert the QR code screenshot. Your device will still pair to your app on your phone.

Step 4:  Holding the base of your phone with both hands, insert QR code into the top slot of your device until the line on screen lines up with the device exterior.  As the device is reading the QR code, the LED bar will gradually turn a solid dark blue.  This may take up to 1 minute.

Step 5:  Remove the phone when you see the mobile phone icon flash blue.  From here, your Nimble device is now connected to your Wifi - your app should show you a ‘Success’ message.  Your Nimble will now show a white Power button and a solid red Paint button.

Step 6: Keep your Nimble app open on the "Secure Shipping System Removal" screen. Gently place your device on its backside on the black foam so the orange screws and plate (pictured below in black) are exposed and facing you. 

Step 7: All you need are your hands - no need for tools.  Gently unscrew the top 2 screws (pictured in black, but they’re orange on yours) by using your fingers to twist counterclockwiseNever pull or push the screws, because that may damage Nimble’s robotics system. You should unscrew until they fall out naturally.

Step 8:  Remove orange flat cover to reveal bottom 2 screws.

Step 9:  Repeat step 5 with the bottom 2 screws, taking care to never pull or push the screws.

Step 10:   Once all 4 screws are out, place Nimble on its correct side, on the legs. 

Step 11:  Hold down the Paint Button (middle) for five seconds until the blue phone icon begins flashing. Your Nimble is now confirming the Secure Shipping System has been removed and is running a Health Check.

Step 12: Keep your Nimble device powered on and your app open on the "Secure Shipping System Removal" screen. You should receive a message in-app when your device has completed its Health Check. The Power Button (left) and Capsule Button (right) will both be solid while on completion.

Step 13: Once the Health Check is complete, click the "My Nimble is ready to go!" button in the app.