Nimble Secure Shipping System Removal 2.0

Welcome to the first step of using your Nimble device! Here, we will walk you through how to remove your Secure Shipping System, which keeps the robotic arm safe during transit. You can follow along with Samantha from our NimbleCare team in the video below, or click here if you prefer written instructions. Note that it is mandatory to remove the Secure Shipping System before use. Please keep the 4 screws and plastic cover in the event you’d like to return your Nimble device or send it back for repairs.

Step 1: Connect the Nimble electrical cord to your power outlet, and plug it into the device.  Once your Nimble device is connected to power, the left Power button should be solid red.

Step 2: Press the Power button.  It will start blinking red for up to 2 minutes as it’s powering on.

Step 3:  Once the Nimble device is on, it should be in the following state:  

  • Power button is solid white
  • Middle Paint button (circle button) is solid red

Step 4:  Now, gently place your Nimble on its backside, where the power cord plugs in.  We suggest using a black foam piece from the shipper to protect the device. 

Step 5:  All you need are your hands - no need for tools.  Gently unscrew the top 2 screws by using your fingers to twist counterclockwiseNever pull or push the screws, because that may damage Nimble’s robotics system. You should unscrew until they fall out naturally.

Step 6:  Remove black flat cover to reveal bottom 2 screws.

Step 7:  Repeat step 5 with the bottom 2 screws, taking care to never pull or push the screws.

Step 8:  Once all 4 screws are out, place Nimble on its correct side, on the legs.  Long press the Paint (center) button, which should be solid red.  You may remove the magnetic front door and the customizable armrest inside the device.

Step 9:  Your device should return to a white Power button, a red Paint button, and a blinking blue Wifi light.  At this point, it’s ready to connect to Wifi. 

Step 10: Pull up your app on your mobile phone, and follow directions on screen until it directs you to show QR code.

Step 11:  Holding the base of your phone with both hands, insert QR code into the top slot of your device until the line on screen lines up with the device exterior.  As the device is reading the QR code, the LED bar will gradually turn a solid dark blue.  This may take up to 1 minute.

Step 12:  Remove the phone when you see the mobile phone icon flash blue.  From here, your Nimble device is now connected to your Wifi, and will run a software update to ensure the latest and greatest is on your device.  The device will restart automatically after the software update - you will see the Power button blinking red.  This should take 2-3 minutes.  

Step 13:  Once successfully updated, your Nimble device will show a solid white Power button, and a solid white Capsule button (far right).  This means that you’re ready for your first practice manicure!  Your app should also show a ‘Success!’ message.