Mastering Hand and Finger Placement for The Best Nimble Manicure Results

We here at Nimble have painted over 60,000 fingers since we started 6 years ago.  That’s a lot of fingers!  We know the key to the best possible Nimble manicure is proper hand and finger placement. When everything is correctly placed, you feel the most comfortable and relaxed, which helps reduce movement.  Want to get the most out of your Nimble manicure? Follow along in the video below or click here if you prefer written instructions.

Setting the Stage: Comfort is Key

Before we delve into finger placement, let's prioritize your comfort during the manicure process. The position of your body and arm relative to the Nimble device is extremely important.  We recommend catty-cornering the Nimble device on the table and angling your chair so that your shoulders are parallel to the device.  Such alignment creates a straight line from your elbow through your wrist, extending all the way to the tips of your fingers.  Your entire forearm should also rest comfortably on the table, without having to reach extensively.

Remember, avoid creating awkward angles at your wrist and elbow to reduce twisting and tilting your fingers in the device.

Perfecting Finger Placement: The Dos and Don'ts

Now, let's focus on the step-by-step process of placing your fingers correctly for optimal manicure results with Nimble.

Step 1: Hand Plate Alignment

  • Begin by ensuring your fingers are resting correctly in the hand plate.
  • Your longest finger, typically the middle or ring finger, should gently graze the edge of the bumper at the end of the finger groove.
  • For those with longer nails, slightly adjust your finger backward to ensure it barely touches the bumper.
  • Allow your fingers to relax so that all 4 of them are flush against the hand plate.

Step 2: Nail Orientation

  • Ideally, your nails should be facing straight up, while your fingers are relaxed in each groove.
  • Each finger should be centered in its respective groove, avoiding contact with the walls of the groove.
  • Ensure that each finger points directly towards the back of the Nimble device.
  • Your thumb should rest comfortably below the hand plate.

Step 3: Utilizing the Nimble Arm Rest

  • Use the customizable Nimble arm rest to provide support for your entire arm.
  • You can separate the armrest into two and experiment with the position of each piece to find optimal support.
  • Read more here 

Avoid These Common Mistakes: The Don'ts

To achieve a flawless manicure, it's essential to steer clear of the following mistakes:

Claw-like Fingers: Avoid curling your fingers into a claw position, causing the middle joint to pop up. Instead, keep your fingers relaxed and flush against the hand plate.

Fingers Touching: Refrain from squeezing your fingers together, causing them to touch or cross over into adjacent grooves. Keep each finger in its own groove, centered, and not touching the walls.

Tilting or Twisting: Ensure your nails face the ceiling, and each finger points towards the back of the device. Avoid any tilting or twisting of fingers.

Extending Beyond the Bumpers: Do not extend your fingers past the bumpers. The longest finger should only barely graze the bumper.

Avoid Finger Wiggling: To achieve precise results, minimize finger movement during the manicure process. Stay as still as possible by remaining relaxed.

Perfecting Thumb Placement

Let's not forget about our thumbs! Proper thumb placement is equally crucial for an impeccable manicure:

  • Most people find the straight-on position comfortable for their thumbs.
  • Insert one thumb at a time into one of the two middle grooves. We recommend placing the left thumb in the right middle groove, and vice versa.
  • Ensure your thumbnail lies flat, avoiding any tilting.
  • Avoid gripping the hand plate with your thumb; instead, find a comfortable and relaxed position.

In conclusion:  properly placed fingers and hands lead to more comfort, which helps you relax, which helps Nimble paint more precisely!  Give these tips and tricks a try and let us know how it goes!