Welcome to Your First Practice Mani!

What is the Practice Mani? 

Think of it as a ‘get to you know’ trial run!  Your hands will get used to your Nimble, and your Nimble will learn your nails.  

During your practice mani, you’ll find the most comfortable position to sit in, how to rest your fingers, how exactly to place your customizable armrest, and how to move as little as possible.  Nimble will scan your nails, passing the data back so our algorithms can improve.  All of this results in better manicures! 

Real talk: Do not expect your Practice Mani to come out perfect or amazing - but also, do not be discouraged!  It’s very common to have a learning curve when using Nimble for the first time. Almost all of our customers and testers tell us that the more they use Nimble, the better it paints.  We’re excited to get you started on your first step on this journey, so we’ve included an extra set of polish capsules for free.  Enjoy your practice mani on us!


You’ll learn how to insert your capsules into your Nimble device:

  • Please use the extra set included with your purchase - it is most likely 23 - Dolly, 24 - Smolder, 25 - Kalamata, 26 - Shade, or 27 - Confessions
  • Shake each capsule vigorously
  • Insert in any order, glass bottle down, white stem up

We’ll guide you through how to insert your hand (or thumb) into your Nimble device - and repeat! Click here for detailed instructions on hand placement.

  • Insert 4 fingers - 1 in each groove - until your longest finger (usually middle or ring finger) touches the bumper at the end.  Do not go past it - let it gently rest inside of the bumper
  • When you switch to your thumb, insert thumb in one of the 2 middle grooves.  It does not need to touch the bumper.
  • Adjust the customizable armrest to help support your wrist / elbow.  See here for more tips.

Your Nimble will scan your hand and paint one layer of base coat, two layers of color, and one layer of top coat - our full Signature Mani.  This will take roughly 50-55min.  

You’ll repeat the process until all ten fingers are painted.

And voila!  You’re an official graduate of the Nimble Academy of Nails.